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Is this what we have come to?

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I wish this were not the case, but I am proud to have been able to allay her fears, albeit in a small way. But abortion in this country remains, unequivocally, a gender issue. Practically speaking, Roe v. Wade remains threatened decades later because men have the power in this country and women get pregnant. If men got pregnant one could very reasonably expect that Roe would have long ago taken its rightful place in legal history along other examples of indisputable settled law.

If right-to-lifers truly cared about life, they would first address the shameful increase in maternal mortality rates in the United States, unique in the developed world. With these new abortion restrictions, they are condemning women to carry dangerous, traumatic or otherwise difficult pregnancies to term, only to face an increasing risk frighteningly high for mothers of color of dying during childbirth or soon after.


So couples who are carriers of genes for fatal diseases will not be able to have an abortion if a prenatal test shows the presence of such a disease, like Tay-Sachs. The parents will be forced either to forgo having children entirely or to carry the pregnancy to term, not knowing whether or not the fetus is affected. If it is, they might then be forced to stand by helplessly while that child deteriorates and ultimately dies. No entity has the right to put individuals through such trauma. Perhaps if some of these narrow-minded pro-lifers found themselves in this horrific situation, they would think differently.

I gave birth to a child with Tay-Sachs. If abortion had been illegal, I could never have risked becoming pregnant again, and I would have been deprived of becoming a mother to two wonderful children. I am a high school junior in California. Every student, male and female, around me feels dismayed, disappointed and betrayed by the bills being passed by state governments to strip the rights of half of the population.

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  • 5 facts about the abortion debate in America;
  • Before these developments, I was excited to apply to colleges across the country and get a different pace of life, but now I just feel scared to leave California. After reading about the abortion restrictions approved by Missouri lawmakers, I had to take action.

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    I sent an email to the admissions officers at one of my top choices, Washington University in St. I told them I could not attend school in a state where my rights are not respected. I told them if they had any respect for their students, Washington University should do something to protect their rights. Deciding whether or not to have an abortion is a horrible, gut-wrenching decision. Absolutely nobody chooses this as a first choice in family planning.

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    That said, where are fathers in this equation? Why do women wear the scarlet letter and bear the possibility of prison sentences? Unless and until the other partner in this story is identified and treated accordingly, how dare anyone enact laws concerning such a personal matter?

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    • Let the prospective fathers share in the journey from conception on. Helping with shelter, food and clothing should be the bare minimum of their contribution. Raising a child is a forever duty, and fathers should not fade into the background while mothers take up the slack.

      In her ominous portrait of a post-Roe America, Michelle Goldberg did not consider an even more extreme potential outcome. She, like many others, assumes that if the Supreme Court overturned Roe, the question of abortion policy would return to the states.

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