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The sixth chapter is presented as a letter written by Jeremiah. Baruch is said to live in Babylon , 2 although the Bible says he went to Egypt. A case of mistaken authorship is found in Wisdom. Certain texts in this book present Solomon as its author , 8, Also in Wisdom are advanced the erroneous doctrines of the immortality of the soul ; , 4 as well as the preexistence of human souls, , 20 and These two books arebasically historical accounts of the Jewish struggle for independence during the second century B.

They concern the exploits of a priest named Mattathias and his five sons who revolted against Antiochus Epiphanes in his attempt to destroy the Jews and their religion. The works are characteristically written from the human standpoint and did not form part of the inspired Canon.

With the advent of the New Testament, new apocryphal works popped up like blossoms in April. Written mostly beginning in the second century, these works imitated the Evangels, Acts, Letters of Paul and Revelation. They were partly an attempt to fill in the gaps purposely left open by the inspired New Testament writers. The Apocrypha are the source of some of the dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church.

A purely imaginary report on the trial of Yahshua to the emperor Tiberius 2nd or 5th century. Written in the 4th century with the rise of virgin worship. Deliberate forgery of the 6th century to further worship of the Virgin Mary.

Stories about daily visits of angels to Mary. Immensely popular as papacy grew. A 5th century forged translation of Matthew, abounding with the supposed childhood miracles of Yahshua. Makes him a miracle worker to satisfy his boyish whims. Purported visions of heaven and hell granted to Peter. Called spurious by Eusebius. With all the attempts to imitate the Bible, the holy inspiration of Scripture is borne out time after time. With each archaeological discovery, the Bible and its authenticity stand durable. That it bears on its face the stamp of its author.

Jews Rejected Apocrypha The trend toward including these works as part of the Scriptures was initiated by Augustine in to Books with Flaws The Bible contains no errors.

The Apocryphal and Deuterocanonical Books

Unlike the Old Testament, the Apocrypha are nowhere quoted in the New. The Apocrypha are tainted with errors in fact and time, exposing non-inspiration. For example, in the two Books of Maccabees, Antiochus Epiphanes is made to die three different deaths in three different places. In fact, the Jewish people rejected and destroyed the Apocrypha after the overthrow of Jerusalem in 70 CE. The Christian Scriptures , aka the New Testament. This is a series of 27 gospels, epistles letters , and other books written by members of the early Christian movement. Sponsored link: How Were the Books Chosen?

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The focal point of their religion, the temple at Jerusalem, was destroyed. Their religious leaders felt a need to precisely define the Hebrew Scriptures so that they would form a new "anchor" for Judaism. About 20 years after the destruction of the temple in 70 CE, Jewish scholars assembled in Jamnia, a Judean town west of Jerusalem. Their task was to decide which books should form part of the Hebrew Scriptures. The Pentateuch , the first 5 books, formed the core.

To this, they added 34 other books.

However, they rejected most of the commonly used religious texts which had been written after about BCE. Later, the mainline Christian church made the Jewish Bible part of their own sacred texts. They rearranged the order of the books slightly. The Apocrypha : This consist of many books that were used for spiritual guidance by the Jews. The collection was included in the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures that was in general use during Jesus' lifetime. But some 60 years after Christ's death, they were rejected by Jewish scholars as scripture.

The books of the Apocrypha were incorporated into the Roman Catholic Latin Vulgate translation, but were later rejected or demoted to the status of an appendix in most Protestant translations. Original Languages of the Hebrew Scriptures and Apocrypha Hebrew Scriptures : The text was originally written in Hebrew, except for a few verses which were composed in Aramaic Ezra to ; Ezra ; Jeremiah ; Daniel b to While exiled in Babylon, the people of Israel learned to speak Aramaic, a language related to Hebrew.

Apocrypha - 14 Books of the Apocrypha

They eventually adopted it as their native tongue. By the time of the birth of Jesus, Hebrew had been abandoned by the Jews except for use in religious services, and in literary and scholarly usage. Many people also spoke Greek. The books of the Apocrypha appear to have been originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic. However, the original texts have not survived. Today, we only have translations in Greek and a few other languages, including Latin. Translations of the Hebrew Scriptures and Apocrypha Relatively few Christians have actually read the Bible in its original form.

There have been dozens of such translations, of varying degree of accuracy: The traditional belief is that during the 3rd century BCE, 72 translators were locked up in separate rooms on the island of Pharos.

Apocrypha: Inspired Scripture?

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Our forum. New essays. Other site features. Buy a CD. These books had been considered scripture by those who were in the Catholic Church. Instead of removing them immediately, they removed them from the text of scripture first.

What Is the Apocrypha?

Then, with time, the books began to be taken out entirely. Some copies of the Geneva Bible removed the Apocrypha by Early copies of the King James Bible did so as well. Yet, the Apocrypha was distinct and separate from both the Old and the New Testament. The truth is they were never considered a part of the Holy Bible. They were probably included for traditional reasons, but the translators did not allow tradition to sway their knowledge of true doctrine.

They knew and made it clear that the Apocrypha was not scripture. With time, as people got used to not having the Apocrypha, it began to be removed from more and more copies of the King James Bible until very few retain it today.