Manual Celebrating Our Raw Nature: Plant-based Living Cuisine

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In this all-encompassing introduction to a raw vegan diet, raw food expert and chef Dorit teaches you how to prepare spectacular raw dishes for every mean of the day. This easy-to-use, consumer friendly book leads you through the process of stopping indigestion and getting more nutrition from the food you eat.

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Tens of thousands of scientific studies have been performed worldwide affirming the fundamental role that unprocessed, unheated plant-based food plays in the process of disease With an in-depth analysis of 34 fruits, vegetables,spices, nuts, and other healing foods from algae to wheatgrass, this indispensable reference provides a descriptive profile Volume Three compiles summaries of current scientific studies that spotlight the foremost dietary hazards to human health. High on this list are meat, dairy products, and sugar.

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Readers will learn, in simple and easy steps, how to prepare delicious, high-frequency foods for enhanced energy, balance, and beauty To expand their parameters of healthful living.. Hippocrates Health Institute director Dr. Brian Clement shows how the Hippocrates LifeForce program implements the use of raw living foods to help people maintain a healthful weight Eating with mindfulness is important.

Avoid eating when in a bad mood, standing up, or when in a hurry. These negatives can affect the nervous system and interfere with good energy for proper digestion. The author encourages teaching children to prepare raw foods while they are young and feel closely in touch with nature. Instead of demonstrating how to cut food with knives, she suggests families show their children how to squeeze and twist foods for juicing and tear greens for salads rather then cutting them.

Parents should accept the phases children go through when they balk at certain colors, textures, or smells. Children eat instinctively and will turn to other foods when their bodies are ready. Farmers markets can be an exciting experience for children, especially if allowed to choose the foods they would like to eat. A helpful Glossary provides good explanations about some of the more exotic ingredients used in the recipes, items like algorroba, camu camu, E3Live, E3AFA, E3 with Phenalmin, Himalayan salt, Incan berries, lucuma, palm nectar, and yacon.

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Since some of these ingredients are uncommon, exotic, and unavailable in chain grocery stores and even some natural food markets, Dorit supplies an excellent resource list as well as a suggested schedule for purchasing the more expensive raw items on a budget. Soaked nuts and seeds are vital ingredients in the raw kitchen. The author provides guidelines for optimal soaking times for nuts, grains, and legumes.

She advises purchasing only organic nuts and seeds and storing them in the refrigerator. Start the day by rehydrating with pure, clean water.

Celebrating Our Raw Nature : Plant-Based Living Cuisine

The Digestive Calmer might be the ideal tonic before or after a jangling bumper-to-bumper rush hour drive on the Los Angeles freeway. Feeling tempted to fall off the wagon and dip your spoon into a steaming hot bowl of soup on a cold winter night? Instead, turn to the Thick and Spicy Minestrone Soup with its grand array of vegetables, apples, raw corn kernels, sprouted lentils, green peas, and chickpeas, yams, and a blast of fresh herbs.

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One of the most unique appetizers is Holiday Chestnuts, a variety of nuts that tend to receive very little attention. These are first dehydrated and peeled, then blended with flaxseed oil, agave nectar, and fennel seeds. This deliciously sweet mixture can then be enjoyed as a spread on celery sticks, wrapped in lettuce leaves, or spooned over desserts.