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Serendipity: The Role of Chance in Making Scientific Discoveries | Owlcation

This NBC Learn video, part of a series on "Chance Discoveries" in chemistry, tells of the lab accident in that led to the development of the first safety glass -- just as the first automobiles were being produced. Safety glass revolutionized the manufacturing of car windshields, preventing countless injuries and fatalities in automobile accidents.

This NBC Learn video, part of a series on "Chance Discoveries" in chemistry, tells the story of three artificial sweeteners -- saccharin, cyclamate and aspartame -- all discovered by lab researchers who failed to completely wash their hands. Kevlar fibers can be spun into anti-ballistic, shrapnel-resistant material for protective body armor worn by police forces, military troops and those in combat zones, including Engel himself.

This NBC Learn video, part of a series on "Chance Discoveries" in chemistry, tells the story of 3M chemist Spencer Silver, who in a lab experiment created a weak adhesive with no apparent practical use -- until a 3M colleague, Arthur Fry used it to develop the first Post-it Notes.

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Photo of Dr. This NBC Learn video, part of a series on "Chance Discoveries" in chemistry, tells the story of two scientists who used their curiosity -- and Scotch tape -- to isolate single-layer sheets of graphite one atom thick: graphene, one of the thinnest, strongest materials known.

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The two won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery. Certain things that we take for granted today — like cellophane and post-its — were discovered accidentally by scientists working on quite different projects.

Archaeology is no exception to this phenomenon. Sometimes a chance discovery provides extraordinarily valuable information that contributes to the understanding of our heritage. That is why it is important that any accidental discovery be made known to competence authorities. Informing authorities of an archaeological find is very important. Much still lies hidden. That's three times the size of the next-largest Crusader-era winery that has been found.

[On chance discovery in rational drug design. Aspergillus fumigatus and angiogenesis].

The excavation has also yielded a second, larger room in the complex dating to the Roman era, evidence of a third room, and shards of ceramic that appear to be from storage vessels for liquid. There was likely a second floor as well at one point; the Crusaders built their wine presses indoors, probably because that's how it was done in the parts of Europe they came from, where it rained.

The Kingdom of Jerusalem was founded by invading Europeans during the First Crusade in and lasted nearly two centuries, at one point stretching across modern Israel and southern Lebanon.

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The winery complex surfaced "by chance" in when a businesswoman invited Khamisy to dig under her house. Mi'ilya has a Crusader-era castle, but no other archaeological evidence of a surrounding town and urban economy had been found. The castle was in disrepair, and Khamisy was leading a local effort to fund the preservation and excavation of the town's heritage. One woman, Salma Assaf, owned a few Ottoman-era houses she was preserving with Khamisy's help and converting into a modern restaurant and inn, and happened upon rubble under the old foundations that suggested something even older.

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There was no intention to dig under the ground," said Rasha Assaf, Salma's daughter. But Salma had "passion" for the heritage of Mi'ilya, "so all the family made a very adventurous investment, let's say," laughed Rasha; the family funded the excavation themselves. When Khamisy arrived to take a look, "in the first digs of the soil there, I found a big piece of hydraulic plaster," he said.

In antique architecture, such material is evidence of waterproofing. But that's not quite a whole winery.