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The structure of T is determined in a simple way by the complex of bounded faces of the real part of the arrangement. On the one hand, this facilitates a geometric analysis of the second homotopy group. At the same time, this universal cover complex yields an algebraic description of the homology of abelian covers in terms of modules over polynomial rings.

The study of free arrangements will center on the various notions of formality introduced by the investigator and his co- workers.


The complement of an arrangement of hyperplanes in n-space is just the collection of chunks into which n-space falls when cleaved by a number of n-1 -spaces. This seemingly innocuous structure has called forth a surprising amount of heavy machinery from various parts of algebra and topology and led to some gratifyingly attractive analysis and general combinatorial principles. Although the work is theoretical and leads to rigorous proofs, at intermediate stages it is useful to experiment and test examples.

Some machine computation is indispensable at this point, particularly using such symbolic manipulators as Cayley, for which a Sun SPARCstation is available to the investigator. Please report errors in award information by writing to: awardsearch nsf.

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Combinatorial Foundation of Homology and Homotopy

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Classification of combinatorial surfaces (I) - Algebraic Topology - NJ Wildberger

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