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The 7 Easy Steps To Creating a Website

I created this incredibly detailed list of business ideas you can start while working and how to get started , to offer up some meaningful suggestions to people seeking ideas on which business they should start. After you've answered these questions about your potential website, it's time to move on to creating a website that'll be designed to not only build an engaged audience but also have a strong chance of being sold in the future just one of many possible revenue driving possibilities with a niche website or blog.

To flesh that out, here's my interview with James Morrish; he definitely knows a thing or two about spotting a good website acquisition target. James: "It really depends on the individual, the business concept, brand, and level of control required as to what platform is 'best' in a particular situation. Investors looking to acquire online businesses will place emphasis on sites that are built on stable, scalable, and feature-rich platforms that can easily be extended, if required.

My top two recommendations would be WordPress and Shopify. The importance of doing this significantly increases with the size of your business. With larger sales, it is very important to have a well-documented, easily traceable code base on more custom website designs. This is to avoid any platform upgrade risk associated with a legacy install, which can be an issue for some buyers.

James: "It really depends on the business model in question and the type of audience that you are trying to attract and engage. I'd suggest trying to be wherever your audience is. If your target market hangs around particular forum groups, it would be beneficial to get involved in discussions and propose ideas in order to build your credibility.

From more of an on-site perspective, content marketing around long-tail keywords is a good place to start. Useful keyword-optimized listicle blog posts are easy to put together, readily digestible, and can deliver a lot of value. It may also help if you have something like a free eBook or online course to offer your audience from the outset.

If you're running a blog or content based AdSense business, users expect new, unique, engaging, and useful content each and every time they visit. As I mentioned earlier, having downloadable resources available ideally for free , will attract a much higher level of engagement and turn your site visitors into much more than just that. It offers a sustainable, high-quality flow of targeted traffic back to your website.

James: "I'd say that picking a specific niche is quite important, particularly in already saturated verticals. In my opinion, carving out a niche is one aspect of developing a differentiated business and a unique brand that is likely to be appealing to a core group of individuals. Being specific is key to your success. As a content writer, your articles will have to cover a wide range of topics: nutrition, exercise, health mental, physical , work, social life, and more. It is extremely difficult to consistently produce top-notch, engaging content without a clear focus from the start.

This means that getting ranked well in Google for your most important keyword phrases will be an uphill challenge. The strength of community around a site is important to buyers, and if a website owns a particular niche i. James: "This entirely depends on the goals and preferences of the individual blogger. Most successful bloggers started their websites purely as a hobby. As time went on, they slowly noticed that their audience was steadily growing, on the basis of the provision of great, engaging content.

This is the juncture where a decision has to be made with regards to monetization. Adding a small number of advertisements is an important way of justifying the time commitment it now takes you, and everybody needs to earn a living. Affiliate marketing can be a profitable income stream for those who are willing to put in the work. Your competition is searching for new niches, new opportunities, and new ways to attract visitors. Start your new site now.

Getting started with your online business

Get an affiliate site that generates sales fast — and saves you months of startup work. Fast Start. Your affiliate site is live in 30 days or less. Built To Sell. Your site is optimized to get traffic, clicks, and sales. Expert Support. Get a head start your business needs with a custom done-for-you affiliate website now. Client spotlight: Eric, Colin, and Shane. Wirecutter - An example of a very successful affiliate site. Building an effective affiliate site can take 6 months or more.

There's a better option Affiliate marketing is serious business. Your affiliate website is built to sell. Here's what you get:. Response-driven web design. Complete website content. Niche analysis report. Keyword opportunity report. Project manager. Ongoing support. Alpha Investors is the successful affiliate marketer's secret weapon. Here's how the 5-step process works Step 1.

This can be literally anything—music production, social media marketing, web development—you name it. ScreenFlow also comes with a built-in video editing suite, allowing you to shoot and cut your videos all on the same platform. If you love hitting up thrift stores and hunting down great deals, then one great shop idea is to sell your second-hand treasures online.

Take advantage of this by positioning yourself as a trustworthy curator who can go out and uncover those great, vintage pieces for others. Sometimes a passion for second-hand curiosities is all it takes to kickstart a business. Windy Gaming , an online store dedicated to selling vintage video games, started when its owner received a box of old Japanese games from a friend and wanted to sell them online. Want to turn your cool stuff into pizza money? Take a look at these guides to making your products look great in photos:. From releasing your writing as an ebook with the Digital Download app to on-demand printing services like Blurb and CreateSpace , there are many different ways for you to become a published author and sell your book online.

Once purchased, your ebooks will be sent to your customers via email or as a direct download link. Ready to live out your dreams of being a published author? These resources will help you out on your way to the top:. From selling one-on-one to reaching the aisles of Whole Foods. Find a manufacturer to bring your product to life, create packages of your service offerings, or write your book and identify a self-publishing option to bring it to fruition.

How to build simple niche websites fast and easy

If you go the dropshipping route, the product has already been developed for you. Exchange is the marketplace to kickstart your entrepreneurial dreams and buy a business. Browse thousands of stores for sale.

Is Dropshipping Profitable?

As you grow, you might need funding for future endeavors, be it a new product launch, or marketing and advertising spend. Having business bank accounts makes it easier for you to manage that capital, as well as track your revenue and expenses. This is also helpful when it comes to tax preparation as your business-related transactions will be in a single place.

As your business finances get more complicated, hiring a professional accountant or tax professional could be a viable option. Product-based online businesses, in particular, may require lots of business relationships. For example: a manufacturer, a dropshipper, or a third-party logistics coordinator. Other online businesses may require different relationships or contractors.

How to Pick Profitable Website Ideas

If you want to start a business online, you need to have a website. From there, you can build your own store on a platform like Shopify and start accepting payments from customers right away.

If you've been thinking about ways to start a business, it's time to get out there and create an online money-making business in your spare time.