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Naina ke aankh se ek aansu bhi girta hai na toh uska sabse zyada dard hum dono ko nahi, Sameer ko hota hai. Hamari beti ki khushiya, maan, samman, yeh sab Sameer ke liye bahot maaine rakhte hai. She stared at her husband for some time, and then took a deep breath and nodded. Bhagwaan jhuth na bulaye, aaj bhi main Rekha hun aur aap Jitender… Dono milke Salman-Madhuri ki chutti kar denge. Toh isi baat pe ek tohfa hai tumhare liye.

Aaj yahi pehenna. She opened the bag excitedly, and was shocked to find a light blue salwar-kameez with pink and green threadwork. Waise bhi shaadi ke baad tumne shayad ek-do baar hi pehna hai salwar-kameez. Tumhe yaad hai na, hum jab chupke mile the tab bhi tumne aise aasmaani rang ka dress pehna tha. Bhagwaan jhuth na bulaye bachche kya sochenge. Aur fir tumne hi toh abhi abhi kaha… ke hamari bhi umar hai romance karne ki… Meri Rekha.

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Mujhe thodi na pata tha ke woh log aise usi waqt aa jayenge. Kal puri raat saath me the, fir bhi… tumko corridor me hi romance sujha. Shaadi ke baad bhi yahi haal raha toh naa tumhara office hoga, aur naa hi mera book. Chachaji aur Chachiji samajhdaar hai, khule vichaaro wale hai… woh humko samjhenge.

Suna nahi tumne, Chachaji seeti baja rahe the. Aur yahan toh chacha-chachi bhi nahi hai. Jao yahan se Sameer. As he aimed for her lips, she kept a hand on his mouth. Down went the laddoos again, scattering all over the floor, a few even rolling under the bed. Cursing his luck, Sameer fled from the room, and Naina bit her lip for a brief moment before dissolving into laughter. Swati and Preeti stared at her, shocked at the fact that she was so calm and laughing even after almost being caught kissing Sameer. Aur tum dono ko aur koi kaam nahi hai kya?

Kal se mujhe aur Sameer ko baar baar disturb kar rahe ho. Yeh hamari Naina hi hai na?

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Naina controlled her smile, and knelt to clean up the laddoos. By the time, she was done Preeti and Swati had recovered and started asking questions.

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Mujhe bathroom jaana hai. Aur ab jab teri baari aai batane ki toh ek shabd nahi bol rahi uss baare me. Blushing a bit, she quickly locked the bathroom door, and outside Preeti and Swati plopped on the bed trying to process the information that Naina had indeed kissed and liked it, and also that there was much more than kiss. Finally when everyone was ready to leave, they waited impatiently for Chachaji and Chachiji, and after about ten minutes they came out. Bela was dressed in the blue salwar-kameez, her long hair tied in a braid, and her eyes casted downwards while Anand smiled proud.

The four boys were shocked; Pandit coughed causing Bela to halt on her way. Naina, Preeti and Swati immediately understood the hesitation and went up to her. The boys were still standing with mouth open in shock, so the girls glared at them. Sameer recovered first and cleared his throat, wondering what to say.

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The girls gaped at him, while Sameer closed his eyes and nearly groaned. The Dilwara temple was just as grand as he remembered it.

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The renowed Jain temple had intricate carvings on marble stone, and opulent entranceway was a spectacular sight. As they got down, Chachiji immediately nudged Chachaji and they went away to buy some stuff to do pooja. Munna and Swati started to brief Preeti and Rohan about their last visit to this temple. Pandit stared around at some tourist groups, checking if there were any single girls.

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Sameer and Naina stood side by side, each of them recalling how they had been together yet separate on their last visit. It had put him in such a dilemma that when they had finally come to the temple he had distanced himself from her, hoping to find some solution for himself. Standing there, lost in memories, unknown to both of them, their hands inter-twined as they sought the security of relationship from each other.

Their nervous heartbeats calmed with the warmth they found in each other, and they both looked down at their joined hands, a smile blooming on their faces.

Love Lasts Forever

Hand-in-hand they stepped inside the temple, and looked around at the beautiful compound, the impressive architecture. Soon Bela came with a huge plate in her hand that contained flowers and all kinds of stuff that was needed for worshipping, and also had a box of laddoos that immediately reminded Sameer of the happenings of that morning.

They stepped inside the main temple, and had to wait for around ten minutes before their turn. Bela requested for some special Pooja to be done, and also added that it was because her daughter was getting married. The priest took the thaali and asked them to sit.


Hastily Naina pulled up her dupatta on her head, and mesmerized Sameer started at her quite lost in the way the pink fabric framed her beautiful face. He sealed his mouth, wary of causing any more disasters in-front of Chachiji, and sat down next to Naina. Quite unaccustomed to such things, he kept on fidgeting while the priest performed the pooja, until Naina placed her hand over his, calming him down.

After that, he sat quietly, and when the priest came to bless them, did the tilak, he was actually charmed feeling as if their wedding rituals had already begun. She looked at the tree and smiled recalling how she and other girls had been quite taken in by the tale of true love, and had stood beneath the tree waiting for leaves to fall on them to indicate that they were going to be blessed with the true love of their life. Naa uss waqt thi, aur naa aaj hai. Mujhe pata hai tumhara pyaar sachcha hai.

Par uss waqt toh tum jaake khadi ho gai thi, aur jab patte tumpe na girke Kamya pe gire toh tum udaas ho gai. Uss waqt bhi main, Munna aur Pandit yahi the, aur… umm… tumpe patte girane ki koshish kar rahe the. Par hum daale usse pehle hi tum hat gai aur woh patte Kamya pe gir gaye. Please chalo na. She tried to object, but he was not the one to listen. He started to say something, but just at that moment there was a shower of leaves upon them, and stunned beyond words they looked around them. What just happened?

Was it real? They looked up to see Munna and Pandit on a tree branch; Naina started to laugh as she understood that they had dropped the leaves, and Sameer scowled at his friends. Later they had a quick lunch in the market, and had a few hours of spare time before they could go for boating.