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From open source to open government: A critique of open politics | ephemera

Karl Popper was born into a family of Jewish descent in By the mids, fearing the rise of Nazism and the threat of the Anschluss, Popper started work on his first book, The Two Fundamental Problems of the Theory of Knowledge, the publication of which he hoped would lead to his being offered an academic position away from the dangers of central Europe. At the end of , with support from Bertrand Russell, G.

Whilst in New Zealand, Popper had begun writing his magnum opus, The Open Society and its Enemies, and on 26 April two months after its completion he again made contact with Hayek, with whose help it was accepted for publication by Routledge by mid-March Sufficiently impressed by the manuscript, Carr-Saunders et al.

The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care.

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Either case is a failure of leadership. Colin Powell in My American Journey When we enter a new situation in life and are confronted by a new person, we bring with us the prejudices of the past and our previous experiences of people. These prejudices we project upon the new person. Indeed, getting to know a person is largely a matter of withdrawing projections; of dispelling the smoke screen of what we imagine he is like and replacing it with the reality of what he is actually like.

No mere democratic machinery, no mere procedure, is enough to oppose fascism or communism, not in a world of those real social dynamics that are set in motion by interventionism. Liberty must be regarded as the ultimate political end, foremost among those political values held dear by reasonable men and women, the highest and most noble political form possible to human beings.

On Open society according to Karl Popper

It is indeed a heuristic work, tossing off suggestive arguments and insights on nearly every page, and the criticisms of Plato, Hegel, and Marx are always pregnant ones. Popper is a great and forceful advocate of reason, science, and progress, and his passionate idealism shines forth continually from the pages of this work.

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But so too does nearly every moth-eaten philosophical cliche around, e. Moreover, Popper is unnerving in his treatment of capitalism.

From open source to open government: A critique of open politics

Social democracy, the Open Society, has been tried and found wanting. If it is not given that chance, there may be no turning back, and we may yet arrive in an era when we shall look back at the totalitarianism of the s as a veritable golden age. But in one sense, at least, Popper is right: the future is ours to shape. Liberty has never been fully tried.

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It is the task of readers of this journal to remedy that unfortunate situation; if we do not, no one else will. This essay is pulled from Libertarian Review , October issue. See full issue. Roy A.